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Zbiddy A SCAM? Is Zbiddy Legit?

Hey! I just got an email from Zbiddy and I was wondering if the site is a scam or not. The ad in the email claims I could score items such as iPhones, iPads, MackBook Airs,3D TVs etc. for as low as 90%.

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  1. Arnab Roy says:

    Nketia, Zibiddy IS A SCAM! STAY AWAY! Too many people have not received the items they won.

    This doesn’t mean that all the penny auction sites are running a scam. In general people who complain are ‘tards and they don’t even read the terms and conditions, if you pay for bids it doesn’t mean you will win something, this is entertainment shopping, if you like gambling this is for you.

    On some PA sites you have the option to “buy now” anytime and they will give the money you spent on bids back. So if you are just starting out with penny auctions my advice would be to bid only on these auctions.

    • kox says:

      hey pal! I just want to thank you for the site, I followed the instructions there and won an imac for $40. thanks again!

      • Kevin Kroeger says:

        Did you actually RECEIVE it?? In your hands… Please let us know as you would be the first

      • Catherine Wayburn says:

        Yeah, but did you ever receive the item you bid on? This site is a scam, you can kiss your $40 good-bye.

      • jim smith says:

        Is a SCAM.
        IFyou won ,good,that is a sucker way to keep you going back in and playing.
        The Ipad for $17.00 takes in a lot of money because people keep buying BIDS.
        Think about it. It is a NO WIN.
        They will release the prize when they get enough money to pay for the item.
        Yor are a winner!!!
        They have computers in the basement and play you.
        A front!!!!! I went there. jim

      • deana says:

        Anyone that gives ZBiddy a thumbs up obviously works in their Marketing Department. Big scammer.

    • Mary Ann Chase says:

      This is a scam. I clicked on it within a whole list of free opportunities in order to win something . I finally just stopped because the opportunities went on and on. Then I was charged a fee for Zbiddy. I had not been told there was a fee. I had given our charge card in order to bid in the future…as I had done years ago on EBay. We contested it through our bank and I had left a comment about it on the initial Zbidd info telling them to remove me. Now they say I had bought a bidding package and had bid on things. I did Not. I can’t even log in to it . In the stack of papers that we received today they had our Visa card number and a phone number. My husband called And was told that there was no fee….but that things were bid on. This is getting worse and worse, especially since our charge card number is out there with no part of it xxxed out. I would suggest that no one go on to ZBiddy. I am so upset. We are older and I warn all seniors to avoid anything that looks good on the Internet.

      • Judy P says:

        Could you please give me the phone number to zbiddy? I also just got the same thing done to me and like you am a senior. Thank you and good luck to you!

      • Rich Rubenstein says:

        I fell into the same trap and was charged a fee that I was never informed was part of the program. A REAL SCAM. Stay away from this site. I also sent several messages to customer service, the first just minutes after I was charged the $99 fee, and never received an answer. I will dispute the charge with my bank to see if I can recover it but I doubt it. Just lost $99! Crap!

      • raquel dering says:


      • Sharon Elder says:

        I know what you mean. I went through the same thing with them. Didn’t order a bid pack, but got charged $79 on my credit card. I disputed the charge and got it took off…they charged me again and the credit card allowed it, taking me also above my limit. I can’t log onto their site to save my soul! I hate crooks and scams. I too, am older and on a fixed income. Everyone, stay away from ZBiddy.

      • BabsNY says:


      • Joy says:

        I wish I had seen tis before I signed on! They charged not just one of my credit cards, but two!!! No, I didn’t give them the number of the second one.

      • G. Lee says:

        Definitely a scam! Zbiddy tricked people to their website and asked people to fill in their information (including credit numbers) without asking the permission to charge! When I tried to call twice their customer service to see if I can get my money back, the customer service people just brushed me off and said they were experiencing technical difficulty and couldn’t hear me! And then they hung up. Do not ever, ever try to win anything from them. Save your money and time!

      • Candy Crush says:

        I had the same problem recently. I was charged $99.00 for a free membership. I read terms of agreement back to them. And would not take NO for an answer. When the argued with me and I went to the small claims court portion of the agreement,They said no problem, we will put the full amount back on your card. And do not let them tell you they will send you a $50 voucher for gas.Be adamant!!!!! Good Luck!!!!

      • Catherine Wayburn says:

        Mary Ann,

        Almost, the exact same thing happened to me. I was told to register was FREE and they asked for a credit card. I don’t usually like to give out my credit card info, but like you, I thought it was just to be used in case I bought a bidding package that day or in the future. When I went to my online bank account, I noticed they had zapped me for $99. I immediately tried to contact them, but to no avail so I went down to my bank to make out a form where they would investigate the charge. I did not see anything that said the FREE registration would cost me $99 and when I went to sign in it said no such email address, so even if I did want to bid on anything, I couldn’t get in to do so.

        A few weeks ago I received a denial letter from my banks saying their investigation showed no fraud. I was furious. I decided to surf Zbiddy and found this site with all the SCAM reports. I had also gone to BBB suggested by a friend and there were almost 300 complaints against the company Zbiddy.

        This morning (12/30/13) I found a place to report the scam and did so. I also called my bank and insisted on the re-investigate this company. How could I be denied with such overwhelming scam information on this company. I am now going to go back to the BBB and make out a complaint. Sorry you got scammed. I am 65 years old, on SS, in medical debt of $10,000 from a double knee operation in September and a gallbladder operation in October. Why on earth would I want to pay $99 just to look at a site, then decide to buy a bidding package?? As it is, I can’t even get in to Zbiddy even if I wanted to as they say my email address does not exist.

        I will not stop going after them, not just to get my money back, but to have this rip off of a company shut down and charged with fraud. Another thing I could do would be to call the Attorney general of the Fraud department who sometimes will handle this kind of complaint. I hope you get your money back and don’t give up!

      • Catherine Wayburn says:

        By the way, cancel your credit card and get a new one. I had to do that, but at least you will be safe from them ever taking any more money out.

      • TONY says:


      • Ann Wise says:

        Yes I was told I would get $100 gas if I would send their form in every week with a receipt for $10.00 gas and they would reimburse me for the 10.00. I did so exactly how they told me to do and never have heard from them. Someone should write a Twitter and send it out all over Twitter, blogs, Facebook and emails. I am going to send this to the attorney general also, they need to be stopped. I am senior also. It’s been over two months and there is no telephone # to call or email address to write. I had $5,800 charged to my card , the Bank of America refunded it all and declined some of it. Unless I know for sure, I will never order over email again. I never bided on anything.

      • HuggyBear73 says:

        If you have noticed in the past several days ZBiddy has no auctions listed and you can not reach any one of the reps. They have packed up their bags and have moved lock stock and barrel to an area that has no extridition treaty with the US. I still have items comming that I paid for but have never recieved. They said long ago that it was due to the suppliers failure but when I asked who the supplier was the went blank on me. I would say that says it all Just be like I am,really glad that I was playing on their money. And I am also a senior and do understand others feelings. Time will tell and I would like to bet many investigations of other so called quick auctions will be in the near future . Back out of all of them and know there is no real winnerin these auctions. I have seen lots of the suckers tell of willing this and that but they dont say at what real price. They say I won this for under 20.00 but what they need to say this damn thing cost me three hundred and forty dollars after that 20. Truth be told. Good Luck Old HuggyBear73

    • Jackie says:

      You can easily win on Zbiddy- but the hard part is getting your winnings delivered to you. The promise is that your winnings will be shipped in5 business days. I am still waiting for some eGift cards that should have been shipped over 2 weeks ago! I have been told- twice- that they are being “processed”. I don’t know what the “processing” process means- but I guess it just means that I won’t be seeing what I paid for in the near future. Or probably not in the far future either. My advise- save your money!

      • WWKidd says:

        I won an Ipad , 8-26-13 / as of today 10-18-13 , I still have not received it. I paid for it already, and have receipt showing I paid for it when I won the auction. It is listed on my order list – but nothing – when I contact Zbiddy, I am to wait 3-5 days and they will e-mail me with ” feedback” from the shipping department – heard nothing ! I too have won some egift cards – $10 sears – four of them and they are about a month old – and I have not received codes for them so I can activate them. My concern is the winning Ipad I won, 8-26-13 / I chatted via the internet to , Ummm, nancy or Sharon and they told me there is an issue with there supplyer , but right now as I type this e-mail , they are Auctioning off another new Ipad , to someone who will expected to be delivered in 7-10 business days – this coming Monday , I will be contacting the florida attorney generals office, the business licene for Zbiddy is issued thru the state of Florida , and I will file a formal complaint- let the owner or Zbiddy , Gilboa Merdinger deal with the full power of the Florida state government – and we will see what happens – my screen name on Zbiddy is jmdscape with a soccer ball as an avatar. Good luck and If there is anything I can do to help you with your issues, let me know.

      • BabsNY says:

        Waiting Nearly 2-months PAID SAME DAY!!!!

      • Shay says:

        if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is… SCAM artists are getting good, even online now…

      • gonge says:

        This is a scam! STAY AWAY FROM THE WEBSITE.

    • shirley says:

      Big time scam. The auctions for any of the good items count down to 2 days and then are reset to a higher number. The notebook, e-reader and monitor haven’t been won since July, 2013. Of course customer service is overseas where no one understands English.

      • BabsNY says:

        They say there in Deleware But when I wrote them, LETTER WAS RETURNED TO SENDER.It’s true no one in Delaware has a accent the way there CUSTER SERVICE DOES,ABSOLUETLY 1000%

    • Sandra Coplin says:

      I wanted to look at items to bid on and filled out my information. But, did not bid on anything! I didn’t use my six sense and realize that this is a scam. The Federal Government should check this out. I received a bill on my credit card for $99.00 AND .99 for Foreign Transaction Fee from Canada!!!! This place says it’s a U.S. Legitimate Company which means it has to abide by U.S. laws (and taxes) but it’s actually from Canada (evidence by the added foreign fees) !!!

      Other than disputing it on my credit card, what address do I write or how do I contact this company????

    • Polly says:

      It’s a scam. I got my gift cards but not the gas card. I filled out the form for it and nothing, zip. I will not use biddy again.

    • Katherine says:

      Zbiddy is a scam. I can not get the item I was suppose to receive and it cost me $50. My credit card was charged in September, it is now the following February.
      I have written them regarding not receiving and they don’t return a response.

    • larry says:

      I’ve won auctions through them and haven’t received my winnings. They have no live chat anymore and tell you to have patience. Stay away from zbiddy

    • Still Invictus says:

      They got my $159.00 and I got what the little boy shot at. (He missed, too.)

  2. mercine says:

    I used it its A BIG SCAM you get fool in to buying their bid pack trough Unlock Your Luck and it been over a month and I still haven’t got what I paid for and they DO NOT ANSWER YOUR EMAIL THEY SAY THEY WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITHIN 72 HOUR FOR GET THAT YOU NEVER HEAR FROM THEM I HAVE SENT THREE NO ANSWER BACK.

  3. susan rosen says:

    I think they are a real ripoff. I have not received99% of my winnings. Do not do it I have contacted them many times and did not receive my prizes

  4. Mitzy Sadden says:

    I tried ZBiddy one time and received a bill for $65.00 for chips to play a game I did not like. Bought phone for $6.45 I was billed for that also. Over a week ago no phone and out $71.45. I bought my lesson. Nothing good to say about them. Oh emailed them about the bill–no answer. Will spend my time on sites like this discouraging users.

  5. Ron says:

    Do not bid on the HOTEL and/or VACATION CASH CARD!!! I booked a hotel reservation at their website. I entered in all the code numbers. I was even charged for the hotel reservation on my credit card. But when it came time for them to issue me a rebate–they conveniently claim that they have no record of my hotel reservation at their website. SCAM ARTISTS!!!

  6. carmen richards says:

    I am writing concerning a 100 voucher that I received and after reading the terms and conditions I am a very very dissatisfied customer and want a complete refund back into my account. I have read the reviews and the BBB there are a number of complaints made against this company in which I will be another one unless I get my money back. I have a new account number and will be calling tomorrow to get this straightened out I will never deal with this company again.

    • darrell says:

      Same thing happen to me I could not find there number only way was able to contact them was email I thought i was just register with them so i could look around and gave my info for the futher if i wanted to buy but i was charged 99 dollors and i never clicked on buy anything could you please pass this number on ?

  7. Eduardo Cedeño says:

    Just received an ad for this site. I saw it and looks very similar to the past “Zeekler”… include the name begin with “Z”

  8. Carole says:

    Is Zbiddy a scam? I’m not sure, but I won items on Zbiddy in July and I have not received any of them yet. I wrote emails to them but I have gotten no response. I am really ticked-off. So, if you plan on bidding with Zbiddy don’t! I wonder if I will receive what I paid for????

  9. chris says:

    iwas trying to register with zbiddy and out of the blue I received an email thanking me for my purchase. on checking my bank two days later I found that they had taken in excess of £60 out of my account. ontrying to reach them by email I was informed that this could not be sent as it was wrong address. if anything arrives at my house it will immediately sent back.

  10. Michael J. Breedlove says:

    I won two items and received an email listing them.they were items 491933 and 591934. I have emailed more than once and chat with zbiddy. the last chat was with Sharon.she said I would receive an email but I never did. So far I am out of $80.00

    • Michael J. Breedlove says:

      I still have had no further contact with and have not received my items. what can be done to get our money back?

      • Vernon Phillips says:

        I have won items as long ago as the last part of June and some in between and never received them. Call your credit card company as I am going to do and ask them to charge all the items back to zbiddy including the price of the bids that you bought. That is only the number of bids it took you to win the auction. Good luck. Also we should all write or call the consumer protection agency and file a complaint. There are enough complaints if everyone will do that. Also ask for an investigation from your states Attorney Generals office.

      • Tim P. says:

        File a lawsuit against them and then see what happen’s ! I mean you don’t have anything else to lose do you?

    • Rob McGrath says:

      YUP – A total scam and these people are actually real criminals and need to be prosecuted. I am out $110 on stuff I “won” that was NEVER EVER DELIVERED. These guys need to be shut down and sent to prison. It is grand larceny!!! STAY AWAY AND APPROACH THE AUTHORITIES.

  11. Stan Read says:

    I won several bids on travel, etc. We booked a trip to Phoenix for airline and hotel. everything was done as directed to get our discount money paid back to us through our credit card. First, they said we would receive an email saying that we were approved or not for the deal. We got neither. I know they got the application, because I emailed them and they said they received it and it would take 15 days to receive our $200 dollars credited back. We’re past the 15 days and nothing has happened. I think we got taken,

    Any ideas on what to do?

    Stan Read

    • Shay says:

      REPORT them to consumer bureaus , look online also , about how you can report Online scams… I would also report them to post office, I would make AS BIG as a stink as I can… CREEP LIKE THEM SHOULD be shot..

  12. Gary Gallant says:

    Yes, Zbiddy is a scam. I won a Camera and three E Cards and have yet to receive anything since Aug 8th. They won”t return my Emails or Nothing. They should be Shut Down.

  13. Gary Gallant says:

    This Zbiddy auction is a scam. They will not send their product after they taken the money from my account. Its Fraud

  14. Caren says:

    I was supposed to get $100 in gas certificates in March. The sent the first one which comes as $10 at a time. I complied with the rules and sent it in and have heard nothing since. I have repeatedly contacted them to no avail. So BEWARE!!! I guess it’s better to stick with the big boys like Beezid.

    • Barbara says:

      Same here with the gas vouchers. I have yet to receive the first $10 card. I have called many times and get the same answer. “So sorry, I will personally get right on this and send you an email concerning when you will get your cards.” I am only out $50, but still very angry about getting scammed.

  15. Nigel Lew says:

    This is useless, fraudulent pile of crap operated by a bunch of unrelenting spammers. If you know what is good for you stay as far away from as possible.

  16. Caren says:

    ZBIDDY has 3 Consumer Complaint that were paid complaints and who knows how many who couldn’t pay, like me to complain about not getting what there supposed to get.

  17. Dawn says:

    I won several items the third week of August, paid immediately and have heard nothing about my wins. I’m a little frustrated at this point. I’m hoping I wasn’t scammed, but the jury is out right now!

    • WWKidd says:

      Hey – I won an Ipad on 8-26-13 /paid for it , have receipt where I paid for it / it is listed on my order list and on my wins list. It is going on almost 2 months and I have not received my Ipad. I won the auction and pad for the item – when I call , I get someone who does not speak or understand English – I think the phone transfer to the phillipeans – I chat via the internet to a person names nancy and /or Sharon – they tell me there is issues with the suppier , but they would get with the shipping dept. and give me feedback in 3-5 days – I enjoy the site = the premise is much better then other PA sites – and I got very good deals – but the deals are not so good if you pay for something and do not receive it . I know that Zbiddy business license is issued from the state of Florida – so I am contacting the Florida State Attorney Generals office on Monday and let the owner pf Zbiddy , Gilboa Merdinger deal with the Florida state government – google the owners name – Gilboa Merdinger – he has been around scams for a while now – but is , well kinda an Honest Crook ,if there is such a thing – thanks for reading my post – my screen name is jmdscape on Zbiddy with a soccer ball as my avatar

    • Donna says:

      Did you ever get your items? I cannot find a way to reach them and hoped you had something you could share with me. Do you have Zibby’s email address or telephone number? I need to contact them.

  18. jackie says:

    Yes scam.

    Don’t give them your credit card info.!!!!!!!!!!!

    • raquel dering says:


  19. roxanne mehl says:

    isn`t her a way to stop zibiddy? get our money back? who to speak too? about refund. roxanne mehl

  20. Edmund says:

    BIG TIME SCAM. Bought a 100 gift card in July and still waiting for it. Talked to the live chat at least 1 dozen times and each time told they are waiting for shipping to give them a tracking # Asked to talk to a manager but was told it was not possible. Seems like they will send out the cheap items but not the good ones. The crap they offer is just that crap!! Should be somewhere to file a formal complaint but still trying to find out where

  21. John says:

    Like many others, I 2 have been scammed. I won 2 hotel gift cards and a Bahamas cruise for two. I paid for them back in august 2013 and have yet to receive them. They do not answer emails , I have written several. Their so called LIVE Chat never open. You can never win any thing of value.

  22. lorraine davis says:

    I won several bids and have received nothing. I write them they say they will get back to me , I never hear from them. It will be seven weeks on Tuesday Oct. 15, since my first win. and still not one word from them

  23. robert shannon says:

    they ripped me off for 99.00 on my usaa master card. I complained to usaa and they refunded my 99.00 only to later recharge my acct. zbiddy said I did not contact them within 7 days. that’s a lie. I started telling them within minuets of the charge to my card, that they cancel my acct and return the 99.00
    I did not verify my acct with zbiddy. DID NOT. I am going to pursue this until I get my money back. if I have to go to Florida and kick some ass, I will.They will think I work for the post office when I get through with them

  24. Elaine says:

    Trust me when I tell you that Zbiddy is a scam. You never get the items that you bid on. The packages they sell are not worth even a penny so don’t get roped into buying one. I wish there was something we could do to get these scams off the internet.

  25. Damita Brown says:

    please do not use Zbiddy. All of the above complaints are true. I have won since July 2013 and it is now October 2013. I have not received nothing. It also seems to be true about how they reset the timer back repeatedly on the big ticket items like the TV and laptops. l have won bahamas cruises ,airfare for two etc. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!

  26. james lewis says:

    Thanks guys. I believe you. This many people can’t be wrong!I out of there.

  27. ez1 says:

    That’s no scam. Look up the definition of a scam before accusing everything that doesn’t just give you everything for free or make it easy to compemte with other members. I just wond 5-6 actions including a trip to mexico for the weekd. The oly we have to pay is upgrading to first clasa and air trasnfertation. Or, I can use it as a contest giveaway.

  28. Kevin Kroeger says:

    I guess I am the most recent one scammed by Zbiddy. Wow. Tracked them with on line chat, over the phone blah, blah blah. I won 3000.00 worth of stuff as I kept bidding and wining. I bid on the BIDS to be won to give me more bids and just kept on it and won. HOWEVER…. they never ever delivered anything they promised but kept charging my card after I called the card company to tell them it was fraud.They (the card co/PAYPAL)just went on line and whatever else they did and re-credited my account. PAYPAL…protects you. Get it if you don’t have it. The Best… ok, so they came back again and then a third time and took about 130.00 out of my account. Well, canceled it out again and now finally PAYPAL is looking into them and their practices, so hopefully they will pull the plug on them for them allowing use of PAYPAL. Call your card company people and make a paper trail of them charging you for the product you never recd and the practice of fraud. This all happened to me this last week so this is current info. SCAM… STAY AWAY.

  29. william says:

    I have been a long time user on zbiddy, and have won from tv sets, computer, nintendo’s, and have had them shipped within 2 weeks after i won the item. I did this for several months. they use to have mcdonald’s card s for $25.00 and walmart shopping cards for 100.00, in which i have won several of those also. I stopped using it last summer for a while because i was moving and was too busy to be on it. I got back on it recently, first of october 2013, and won a bunch of items within aa couple of days. winning seems easy enough, and getting all the bids you need is very easy also, and they are generous compared to ohter bid auctions i have used. However, I must warn you, that for the first time since I have started using zbiddy , I have not recieved anything that I have won and paid for over a month ago. I called them, because i got no answers from the several emails i sent them, and fnally got a answer from a tech, and that they seen that i has won them, and promised i would be getting them soon. I have not received any of them yet, and i am tired of calling them repeatedly only to recieve the same ol same ol answer. Another note to pay attention too that i have just learned, and that is they were stationed in florida and had shipped everything to me from florida when all was going well, but i noticed on my credit card that they have moved to canada, and anyone in the states will be paying a foreign transaction fee on every purchase made on your credit card. they have not shipped anything at this time to me, and I am now a very unsatisfied customer, who will not ever use this bidding site again, and have taken this time to let you be warned, so that you won’t be taken advantage of as well. I hope someone looks into this company, and holds them responsible for their actions.

  30. Sandy says:

    I was a new member did not know much about the site. They ask for my credit card number and I gave it to them so that I could bid on the items. Next thing I know I was charged $99.00 for a package plan that I did not order. There was no where on the site that I could cancel out. Than I get my bank statement They did charge my bank account. I did not agree to this and I want my money back. Iam elderly and live on a fixed income and cant afford this. Otherwise I will take action. This site is a scam.

  31. Lisa says:

    Was looking at there sight and signed up thinking i would be able to buy bids (if I chose)well, they charged my debit card a $99 “INVESTMENT FEE”. Can’t reach these clowns by phone, so over 2 hours of chat with some idiot on the other end and i finally got them to refund me $85.50, which they say will take 5 – 7 business days to get, really, it took you 10 seconds to take the money out of my account. They offered me all kinds of stuff $100 gas vouchers, refund half and keep the bids. Are these people crazy?! WOW! You steal money out of my bank account and then don’t want to give it back! I’m filing a complaint with the BBB, The Attorney General’s Office and am thinking of calling watch dog at our local news station. It’s my $13.50 and i want it now! SCAMMERS ALL THE WAY!

  32. missmae says:

    I got my money back…I signed up for what I thought was a free account to look around at the site. The next thing I know, it said thank you for purchasing bids. Upon checking my account, I found out that they charged me $99 TWICE! I emailed immediately like so many other users, and no one responded as this happened on a Saturday. On Monday morning, I got on the site with the live chat thing. I expressed my dissatisfaction and was told nothing could be done but they would give me $100 in gas certificates. I refused the certificates and restated that I wanted all of my money back since they charged me without my knowledge. Here’s where it gets interesting…I told her that if my money was not refunded within 24 hours then I would contact my attorney and the BBB to report them. They then offered me half of one of the payments. I refused this too as I was not bluffing about the attorney. I told her that my attorney was on the phone with me (which he really was but she had no way of knowing that) and that my attorney said they owed me the whole thing based on their dishonest practices of charging me without my consent. They agreed to refund only one of the $99 charges as they said they only charged me once which was a lie! I then told her that the next conversation would be with my lawyer calling them if it wasn’t refunded in a timely manner. My next call was to my bank where they reversed the duplicate charge for me. And I had an email within 10 minutes from the billing dept with a confirmation number of the reversed charge. My money was back in my account within 2 days!

    My advice to anyone is to use the live chat because you can have documentation of your conversation emailed to you. And DO NOT SETTLE for any of their mess! Don’t agree to anything other than what you deserve and are entitled to. If you agree to accept a consolation gift like the gas certificates, you will probably never get your money back. Also, you need to contact them on the first business day that they are open so that they can’t say you waited too long.

  33. Matt says:

    You are all liars. I been with them since I was twelve so 8 years and I got every thing I won and the one time they sent me an iPhone It had a little scratch on the screen but hey I got it for 8.60 YOUR ALL LIARS

  34. Mary says:

    I started to apply for registration yesterday and then realized they wanted way too much information without ever bidding. I deleted the info. I had put in but received two emails from them today thanking me for registering and then to bid on something. I believed it was a scam and deleted the info. but obviously, they already had the info. stored. When something sounds too good to be true; it is.

  35. Cathi says:

    How do I get my credit card info expunged from this site, other than calling credit card and closing account?

  36. Reuben says:

    I had a Account bought bids now they change the outfit I got rip off on bids paid for them what a crock.

  37. Reuben says:

    It is not Zbiddy anymore they change it to

    The address for Zbiddy 434 S Military Trail

    Deerfeild Bach FL 33442

    phone is 1-887-3390

  38. Susan says:

    I guess I am the exception to this. I have won 3 prizes and have received them all. Granted it took 2 months, but I did receive them. Sorry for all of that got taken.

  39. jennifer wooten says:

    I did not authorized the charge to my debit card for $99.00 & I didn;t even bid anything I want my money back

  40. jennifer wooten says:


  41. jennifer wooten says:

    I work in the Fraud Department for a Financial Institute and I will sure have them investagated

  42. jennifer wooten says:

    I will havemy Financial Institure Investigate

  43. jennifer wooten says:

    Have anybody got any of their stuff they purchased

  44. Cindy Robbins says:

    FRAUD.. Fighting for a refund .. This is a very very bad experience.. Not worth it etc

  45. Denis S says:

    Total scam!!
    I’ve bid and won 3 items in a year, the 1st 2 took a month to receive, the last item is now 2 months since I won and still nothing!! the BBB has over a 100 complaints on file against them and the list is growing. When you hit the help line on the site they have a script they use, I know I called 2 times in 6 weeks, saved each conversation and the are word for word the same. About a week after the last one someone called and said it was shipping, that was 3 weeks ago ,,,guess what …still no item. I’m joing the ever growing list and filling a complaint with the BBB ,,,hopefully they will shut them down and save others the frustration of being ripped off.

  46. Jsalazar says:

    zbiddy took 99 dollars out of my acount and i repeatedly asked for a refund with no response from there anyway i could get my money back?

  47. Greg says:

    Scam yes most items cost more than the bids .Also when trying to bid you get transferred to another area of their site and loose the chance to bid therefore can loose the item. I will no longer be a sucker to their programs.

  48. Tyler Womeldorf says:

    This site is a scam because i signed up n they took one hundred dollars out of my bank

  49. Donna says:

    Does anyone have the correct email address and telephone number for Zbiddy? I called the phone number listed on their FB page and received a message saying “Your Account is Locked”. I tried sending email to and error message said not an email address. I am trying to talk to someone there personally to get a refund for the membership fee. I never activated my account so I don’t have a user name with them and I can’t send them a message on their webpage because of this. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me. I will watch for your reply.

  50. nancy zi says:

    TOTAL SCAM!!! Thieves and scoundrels to say the least. Live and burn. I am burning!

  51. stephanie robinson says:

    i just went in and registered and didnt even bid on anything and they took 100 dollars out of my bank account and never said why and am unable to reach them on any level, stay away its a scam

  52. Diana says:

    I received an email to sign up for free but after entering all my information I was IMMEDATLY charged $ 99 for a bid package that I did not even know I was buying. This campany Zbiddy and Hot Closeouts are the same, the same scam and you never get a response to emails and can’t get anyone by phone. BIG SCAM!

  53. Franklin Hall says:

    In August 2013, I came across their Email, opened it up and read their info. I did not plan on bidding at that time and only submitted my info for the future, because the prices looked good. I also included my credit card info for future use. I soon realized that my credit card balance was debited for $99.00 after I sent them an email asking for my info to be cancelled. They would not return my email or my money, The next day I went to the bank where my debit card was issued from. Their policy was to credit back the money until they received an answer from Zbiddy. A few days later the money was again debited because, they said, Zbiddy was able to assure them that the transaction process was legal. I have tried sending them threatening Emails, telling them they haad such-and-such time to return my money. Still no money. I did post a notice on Facebook. While further digging into the communications I had printed out from them, I noticed that the “confirming” email was not confirmed to Zbiddy, which to my way of thinking nullifies the transaction. My next step is to notify my debit card company with the lack of confirming information, to see if that will work. Here is a bit of advice: please check out any system with a review website such as scam Xposer or whatever. There are several of them. If you find a bad review of a system, please run from the system. I learned that and I am still trying to get my money back. God Bless.

  54. Yvonne says:

    SCAM!!! I checked it to see what it was about. Charged $99 now it says this email not affiliated with this account. Haven’t even been able to bid on ANYTHING and it had cost me $100! gonna find a way to get it back.. and I will!

  55. Chris says:

    Yes, I was misled. Similar to others. I was taken to the registration process and gave them my cc number and they charged me $99. I never saw anything up to that point that they were going to charge me yet. No response to my emails to customer service or chat. I called my bank and reported it and they were able to call them and put them on the phone with me and they gave me back my credit.

  56. elise eldridge says:

    elise] I signed up for Zbiddy. once I entered my information I somehow ended up where I had boughten a $99.00 package. I try and try to get a hold of them. They have no phone no. Once I was able to get a LIVE help person. I sent her the following copy from my bank statement still no reply. I have been cheated and what my money back. I don’t understand it but your bid package must not even count towards purchasing???? I finally was able to try a bid…..for A$.20 now I have to pay the $.20??? I thought out of my $99.00 $.20 would be taken out. So I never took another step. When I saw that the money was taken out of my checking accout it read as follows: 11/27/2013 12:03 AM $99.00 PRE-AUTHORIZATION DEBIT AT OPT – ZBIDDY, MONTREAL, ON 112713 FROM CARD#: XXXXXXXXXXXX THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER FOR ME TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM. Please let me know what I can do to get my money back. 937 231 4356

  57. Baldwin says:

    I thought I was just register for the site and I enter my info, name address, tel #, card #. then next thing you know I got a Email saying that I was charged $99.00 plus $2.00. I will be trying to get a refund because I never told them to take THINGGGGGGGG. SCAM SCAM SCAMMER.

  58. Diane power says:

    Scam I signed up for 25 free bids. Gave my credit card info, was charged 60.00
    stay away

  59. Bruce Johanson says:

    Similar to #7 above, I clicked into an eMail sent to me from ZBiddy, followed the information trail and suddenly, i was the purchaser of a bid package. I have requested a refund and was promised a gasoline voucher in lieu of a credit card refund. That was in September….after several on-line :”chats,” and a host of promises to send a gas voucher, I have neither.
    THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT HONEST…..DO NOT OPEN THEIR EMAILS TO YOU. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and suggest that everyone who has been scammed do the same. I have death with Amazon, eBay, and others and been quite satisfied, but ZBiddy is not to be trusted. They don’t deliver what they promise.

    • Bruce Johanson says:

      Similar to #7 above, I clicked into an eMail sent to me from ZBiddy, followed the information trail and suddenly, i was the purchaser of a bid package. I have requested a refund and was promised a gasoline voucher in lieu of a credit card refund. That was in September….after several on-line :”chats,” and a host of promises to send a gas voucher, I have neither.
      THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT HONEST…..DO NOT OPEN THEIR EMAILS TO YOU. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and suggest that everyone who has been scammed do the same. I have dealings with Amazon, eBay, and others and been quite satisfied, but ZBiddy is not to be trusted. They don’t deliver what they promise.

  60. Chris says:

    It is a huge scam. They charge $99 right off the bat and will not respond to email (they say they have chat and phone cust service but they don’t – no phoen number).
    I suggest people do as I am doing and complain to their website registrar

  61. Shawna says:

    Just ripped me off for $99 was not told of having any kind of fees, just trying to bid for an item. Do not go on this site. This was my bill and Christmas money.

  62. Lois says:

    Yes, scam. Don’t give them your info. I just spent 45 minutes on a LIVE chat with two different people because I got knoked out on the site trying to get the charge removed because the same as others I didn’t realie giving them my info wuld be an automatic charge.

  63. Hazel Teagarden says:

    On Dec. 23, 2013 I got on your website and was going to do some bidding, gave the information etc. then I decided this is too good to be true. I DID NOT GIVE THE OK to purchase anything!! Later on I checked my bank account and there was a withdrawal by Zbidding of $99.00 by Zbidding. I DID NOT GIVE THE OK FOR SUCH A WITHDRAWAL. I want credited to my bank account of the $99.00 imediately or I will be doing something legal. I am a Senior Citizen living on a fixed income and you stole my fuel money!!!!

    Hazel Teagarden

  64. melissa says:

    yes it is a scam!!!I have 2 $99 charges pending to my credit and I have never even placed a bid on z-biddy much less purchase something. Spoke with someone by the name of Helen via email and she told me that she could not find where z-biddy had charged me anything but she would have someone in billing call me still have not received call. I have left emails but I have yet to hear anything back from them via phone or email so yes I would have to agree and say stay away because to charge me for nothing I’d hate to see what they would charge for purchases but if I was to receive something from them I’d send it back because I don’t want anything to do with them. Honestly it sounds to me like legal actions needs to be taken against them.

  65. Catherine Wayburn says:

    I registered as it said FREE to register. I stupidly gave them my debit card # thinking it was something they needed to make sure I was legit. Well I was, they are not! They zapped $99 from my account and I never even went on the site to bid on anything as they said my email address didn’t exist. I have made out several complaints, to my bank to a fraud site and now I am going to the BBB where they already have well over 260 complaints. I am also going to contact the Attorney general of fraud. They are not going to get away with this. I made out a form at my banks and got a denial letter back. I am having them re-investigated. I am like a dog with a bone, I’ll just keep going at them until they are shut down or I get my $99 back. They are a SCAM, rip offs in every sense of the word. Zbiddy I’m coming after you even if it takes me the rest of my life. I want satisfaction!

  66. Christina says:

    VERRY IMPORTANT!!! To all of the dissatisfied customers of Zbiddy!!! Please everybody do yourselves a well deserved favor and go back into the “terms of service” and read about ARBITRATION HEARINGS!! All of u could get your money back and attorney fees pd x’s 2. Plus there is no traveling required takes place in town stayed on shipping address!! I was very pleased with the language concerning this matter. Hope this helps.

  67. Shay says:

    it is a type of scam, as most people probably wont read the terms and conditions and bid on something, little do they know what ever you bid will not be refunded to you as they keep all bids. They probably gave a few things away at low price to few fools, or employees posing as winners and they are waiting fools to sign up and get suckered in. So, they are fishing for fools… DON”T BE ONE OF THEM>..

  68. Shay says:

    ZBiddy is type of scam, because they DO NOT refund any of the biddings and trust me not many people get 5 dollar ipads… they probably gave one or two away for publicity and if YOU READ their terms and conditions, really the odds are against you… SO, save your money and go for honest ways of shopping than BEING a fool for people like Zbiddy crap…

  69. Veronica Ward Mullen says:

    I paid the upfront fee and bidded on a airfare for 2 and never received any information to the trip. I purchased the trip because I was got married Nov. 2012. As of today 01/6/14 have not received my information so I could book the trip. They said they would call me back and I sent 3-4 e-mails with no answer. As of today I was told the time has expired on the trip. I was told to go to…I hope others will not be taken advantage of us I see some of has.

  70. amy boyd says:

    zbiddy is a definite fraud. I like the person above gave my info to play and they charged me 99 dollars. I finally reached them and they said I bought a bid package. I couldn’t get my money back so I figured I would use the bids. I WON AND PAID FOR A FEW SMALL THINGS NOT WHAT I wanted but even still have yet to receive anything from November. Im out over one hundred bucks with nothing to show for it.

  71. Douglas Brawley says:

    This is dishonest company. They will steal your money and you get nothing in return. I am filing a claim in the small claims court, and expect to get a judgment against them. Its really a sham that they are able to steal from those of us who are seniors with no fear of consequences. I also am filing a complaint with the office of the Attorney General of Florida. DarrellAOL

  72. Rhrosebro says:

    First, I’ve always received any thing I won.
    Second, understand that they lose no money. Every win has “handling” charges plus bid price. The worst items to bid on are “Auction Price Cap” this is where they make their money. All bids cost .60 cents and worst ones to bid on are Apple Ipad & Ipod. These caped auctions go on forever chewing up your bids. I would not be surprised to 5000-9000 bids chewed up(or more) on a single IPAD auction.
    Think about it, that is a range of $3,000.00-$5,400.00. The only time some one wins is if every everyone ether stops biding or they all run out of bids.

  73. Jerry Hill says:

    Something to add here – the number of real (physical prizes) is very limited. I joined to win the eBooks (as I love to read). Imagine my surprise when the eBook selections offered are ones that you can already get free from Amazon and other services (because they are older works)…..I will not do business with Zbiddy again…

  74. Randall says:


  75. Speedy says:

    Every comment in here is true. They are avery big scam.

  76. Speedy says:

    You are so right!

  77. inger says:

    Took 4 months to get lousy $100 worth of gift cards. bullshit site

  78. Frank Owsley says:

    Never heard of Zbiddy untill I got a charge on my credit card for $99.00 plus international tax. Still do not know how they got my card number, but they are a scam big time. If I didn’t check my card bills every month I would be out over $100.00.


  79. Katie Thomas says:

    i were ripped off as well,i won many autions,and never gotten my winnings yet.

  80. Betty Mann says:

    I have issues with this company. The same thing has happened to me recently. I am still waiting for my gasoline cards to arrive. From what I have just read I have been scammed and apparently there is nothing I can do about it. Maybe the website that carries should be held accountable.

  81. Sharon says:

    If you have not gone there – stay out! They take your money and no matter how many times you ask for it to be returned it will not happen.

    I personally think they should not be on the internet because of their theft.

  82. the Lo Roller says:

    I cannot call them a “scam”(be fair) but “real bad business management”.I truly believe they promised too much,as a result went bankrupt.I now have 600 bids left with nowhere to use or redeem them as their site closed down this month.Last year all the small stuff I won I have received(lucky me) but it took forever and I had to phone in to rush them before they sent items out.Bad business is all .

  83. Betty says:

    How can I report this scam. I Should get my $99.00 back for the so called package. It is a ripoff for sure.

  84. Vickie says:

    I won an Ipad and never received it. Did the Chat several times and kept being advised “Don’t worry you will get it soon”. After 2 months I filed a complaint with the BBB (site listed below) and within 2 weeks I received the Ipad. So if you haven’t received the items you have won I suggest filing a complaint. Only thing that seems to work.

  85. michael winn says:

    I have tried to contact zbiddy for weeks; has anyone checked to see if they have packed-up and ripped us all OFF! I had 10,450 bids in my-bank and never received over 100 items they owe me!!!!!! IT SURE WAS A SCAM !

  86. HuggyBear73 says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. ZBIDDY is without a doubt a 100 percent scam. I have dont some math and one of the items they had on display for well over three weeks as capped out at 18.00 dollars was getting aprox 16 bids a minute. This went on for over three weeks. It sure as hell doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that was a real scam. I think it came out to something like 100,000 dollars based on 60 cents a whack . Have you noticed that for the last three weeks there has been a sign up on the sight saying oopps there are no auctions available we will take care of that soon.Guess what boys and girls Thats all folks they have fired all of the office crew and moved from Canada to some tropical island that has no extridition treaty with the US Or Canada and they are sucking up the sun shine on our money. Scam you bet its a scam and its suckers like us that let them get away with it. Now you know. Kiss your money good bye. And tell your friends to stay away from there freudlent pennt auctions I have yet to find an honest one and that includes a whole lot of the ones i have investigated. If you need to know tell em Groucho told you so.

  87. Robert King says:

    What A rip Off. All the bids I won and paid for all gone. It’s to bad we all can’t get together and file suit on them!!! I’s to bad that the BBB couldn’t have stepped in and did something? What good are they?

  88. Brian says:

    Scam. They ask you for a credit card for purchases and say nothing about a fee. Once they get your credit card they charge you for bid tokens that you did not purchase. ACCORDING to them, you issued authorization for them to charge you. What a SCAM. Legalized crooks.

  89. Still Invictus says:

    Is there a legitimate e-mail address to which we can write?
    Does anyone have an up-to-date valid phone number?
    Thanks for any help you are able to provide.

    I must admit…they did sent me a receipt to show the money they got from me.

  90. Rodison Arcigal says:

    SCAM !!!!!!!!

  91. Bill says:

    This zbiddy is crooked as a dogs rear leg
    They will charge your credit card and you get nothing they write their own comments on here. They clipped me for $99.
    If you give credit card you loose.

  92. Bill says:

    Scamm big time you loose don’t give greed it card they got me for $99$

  93. leglbgal says:

    TOTAL BS! Purchased package in November of last year. Could never log in to my account and none of my emails were answered. Could never reach them by phone! Called my CC – HigherOne – and filed dispute. Sent them all of the ripoff reports and information and would you believe, they would not refund me?!* I went on again today and when you click on the “Bid Now” link it takes you to QUIBIDS. I did a live chat with them and they said they are not affiliated with ZBIDDY and “cannot control” what the link on the website does or where it goes?!* Have you ever heard of such crap? The worst part is that my own cc company does not protect its customer — I will not ever use HigherOne again! Kudos to those companies that protect their customers when it comes to scams like this!

  94. Robert pepper says:

    It’s a scam, took my credit card number so if I was successful at bidding they could charge it to my card ,but charged my card 98dollars for joining but did not tell me there was a fee to join. I immediately sent them an email and an registered letter to the head office, and phoned my credit card company to cancel the charge and was told that they could not cancel because the head office is in England . Never got an answere to emails or registered letter. Stay clear of these people they are crooked

  95. Nicole Barnett says:

    Z biddy is a scam. I went on z biddy on November 28,2013 last year and bid on something and it took my money then they charged me $79.00 and still to this day have not received my item that I bid on and I want a freaking REFUND. I HAVE TRIED TO CONSTANTLY GET A HOLD OF THEM. THey CHATTED WITH ME THROUGH WEB CHAT. THEY GIVE ME THE RUN AROUND AND SAY OH I’M SORRY BUT IT’S STILL IN PROCESSING. NO FREAKING WAY. IT’S BEEN almost a year and I want a damn REFUND BUT THEY WON’T CONTACT OR LET ME CONTACT THEM.

  96. Karen says:

    After they charged my credit card for just trying out Zbiddy and I did not want to join, they would not reimburse me so I complained and they told me they would send me 200.00 in gas coupons. I thought that was a no brainer but after several weeks and no coupons, I complained again and finally got them in the mail. So I sent one in to reimburse my $25.00 gas charge and did not receive anything for several weeks, so I sent it back in and to this day still have not received a dime. I finally just gave up. Scam Scam Scam Very unhappy

  97. rose mccovery says:

    yes scom i have up unable to use sends me to another site . biddy sends me to beezid where i have no money

  98. Sain-louis , Ralph says:

    Dear Zbiddy Victims , You aren’t the only people who were victims by Zbiddy.In 2012, my wife, Me, has been affected by this terrible site that, in a few minutes, took $99 from her credit card and didn’t send any items to her. After a couple days my wife called the number provided by the site, in order to know what was going on. One of the Zbiddy employes replied: “We will send you a $500 coupon, which wasn’t true. Easy money, isn’t it?. See how thieves are making money? My advice to you is to call CNN, to explain what is happening out there. Also, should the F.B.I office receive a petition of Help in this case. The F.B.I members have the power to destroy the cartel of those criminals .

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