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I got this offer in my email today from and when I go to the site it shows me a video about making money online. I always wanted to give this a try since I work only 6 hours per day but I am scared I will be scammed. $400 for working only 15 minutes a day sounds too good to be true.  Can someone who is in this business clear this up for me? thanks!

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  1. BigG Slayer says:

    Of course it’s a scam. Listen People! You have to understand one thing! There is no magic software that will make money for you online! You can make money online and you can make a lot but at first there is a learning curve with this job. You must have 2-3 hours available each day to make it work. Stop falling for scams!

  2. Finance Blog says:

    Thanks for warning me.Or I was going to be scammed.Thank you very much

  3. PriyaBrata says:

    Thanks for the advice i just nearly a step back from payout. Putting such confidential information in web is also not safe for us. Thanx again.

  4. I really thankful for this information. I’d rather not taking any action of joining this system. if there are people could inform me, what are the best way to making money online safely and trusted?


  5. elena says:

    I gave my visa card to this site!and I have been charged 4.97usd,do you think they will use it again??

  6. N. P. & I. P. says:

    Please send me the above details from Automated Paydays Scam Alerts. I try to access this earning system for somehow help this for my financial difficulties. If anyone please help me to do rite earning system. I’m facing so many financial difficulties day by day. please help me, I’m Sri Lankan…. Thank You.. God Bless You – ( )

  7. swetabjya chakraborty says:

    T have alrady payed for it without any result…..I don’t want to be charged further….what shuld I do….???…..please help…..

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